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furrets_r_fluff: isn;t it like midnite over in kanto. why are you still online?? r you secretly a VAMPIRE? lol
xXlancefan09Xx: LOL. no such luck. vampires dont have to ride buses. its soooo late X_X
xXlancefan09Xx: saw black-b southern on the news at the pkmn centr. something happen?
furrets_r_fluff: drunk bus driver, I heard? idk, didn't hear much in the hospital.
xXlancefan09Xx: oh man. NOT what you want to hear when ur getting a bus in lav. town at midnight. SCARY.
why did you leave me 
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Player Information

Name: chesca
Age: yes I am an age
Timezone: GMT
Contact Info: chocographs @ skype, JUNK#8483 @ discord

You work so hard, just to light a little fire. )
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  • Long-term student at Blackbell Southern, and more familiar with and trusted by its teachers (both because of knowing them for longer and because her illness has required a disproportionate amount of their attention) than many of the younger students.

  • Has been out of school for two years, with spotty attendance in the year before, as a result of serious heart problems and complications that arose from subsequent surgeries.

  • Received a trainer license with her friend group in the time leading up to her heart transplant, with the plan being to join them once she had recovered. While the complications prevented this, she can still buy pokeballs, own pokemon of her own without adult permission etc (THE CANON IS VAGUE ON WHAT A POKEMON TRAINER LISENCE ALLOWS).

  • Largely recovered, wrt her health problems, but under strict orders not to push herself too hard. Sits out of physical education lessons. KIND OF A WIMP.

  • Prior to being hospitalised, had a reputation for being 'the baby' of her class. Crybaby, frequently scared, conflict averse. Since returning to school, has been taking her her role as 'the big sister' very seriously and is trying to act and present herself accordingly. Still working on the 'conflict averse' thing, though.

  • Performance at school fluxuates. Some of it is material that she's already covered in her hospital lessons, and she does appropriately well. Some of it is material that she's missed, or that builds on material she simply forgot while away for so long, and she does poorly.

  • KIND OF concerned that other people think she's stupid, because she's a) in a class for kids several years younger and b) occasionally struggling in that class.

  • Facebook-level friends with her old friend group. Likes looking at pictures they post from thier adventures. Super jealous. Becoming distant.

♥ Has a starter, given to her before the heart surgery as a preemptive (and unfortunate, in hindsight) 'congratulations on getting better' gift. Resents it, because of what it represents to her. Isn't cruel to it, and feeds it and plays with it etc. It can tell.
♥ Possibly has a medical-purpose pokemon?
♥ Other pokemon will be in the same boat as her starter, except with extra combination-resentment-and-guilt because they'll have been sent to her by friends.
♥ Starter for in-game purposes is a shuppet who started just following her around because ENVY and RESENTMENT. She's softened to it.


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